Nickitas Demos

Three Gestures For Solo Cello



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Three Gestures For Solo Cello (1990)

Nickitas Demos

Featured on the recording Aegean Counterpoint. Click HERE for more info.

I. intently - score preview

II. gently - score preview

III. playfully - score preview

Duration: 10'30"

Three Gestures For Solo Cello is a virtuoso work for the instrument in three distinct movements. I had initially intended the piece to be abstract in character. However, I have come to realize over the years that it is actually a companion piece to the work, Mnimosinon, a work written in memoriam to my father. Three Gestures was completed directly after Mnimosinon and shares a similar structure and sense of mourning as depicted by the restless, lyrical melody of the first movement and the plaintive melody built upon fifths found in the second movement. The third and final movement is a lively dance-like piece based loosely upon Greek folk melodies and rhythms. It serves as an energetic and light-hearted finale to the work and a celebration of my father's life.