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Postscript (1992)

Nickitas Demos

Featured on the recording Aegean Counterpoint. Click HERE for more info.

Score Preview

Duration: 6'30"

Postscript is a brief, single movement work that explores the interplay between silence and intense rhythmic activity. The piece begins with a unison rhythmic gesture followed by a cell of inactivity. Rhythmic gestures gradually increase in frequency and complexity, eventually overwhelming succeeding cells of silence. The initial rhythmic gestures found at the beginning of the piece also provide the pitch and timbral materials developed throughout the work.

Written after several orchestral works and the completion of my graduate studies, I sought a brief refuge from large ensemble writing. The title refers to the fact that this was the final piece I wrote prior to leaving Cleveland, Ohio and assuming my first academic appointment in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia State University School of Music.

Postscript received its premiere by Ted Gurch, bass clarinet and Craig Hultgren, cello (members of Thamyris New Music Ensemble) on February 21, 1998 in Atlanta.