Nickitas Demos

Three Hundred Miles Until Dawn



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Three Hundred Miles Until Dawn (1987)

Nickitas Demos

Score Preview

Duration: 4'30"

This brief work was originally conceived as an ensemble piece with all parts having equal roles. It soon evolved, however, into a showcase for the soprano saxophone. The piece is characterized by virtuoso writing for the saxophone as well as the other members of the ensemble. The music is mostly upbeat; almost frantic in its pacing.

Much of the piece was “composed” after gigs while driving long distances home. While in graduate school, I often performed out of town and to keep alert on the road during the night, I consumed a lot of coffee and worked on this piece in my head. As I drove, I marked the time according to the distance remaining to be traveled. The title of the work is derived from this practice. The frenetic nature of the work may also be attributed to a tired musician trying to remain awake.