Nickitas Demos

Four Moments for Clarinet & Violin

Four Moments for Clarinet & Violin (1983)

Nickitas Demos

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I. slowly - score preview

II. with energy! - score preview

III. moderately - score preview

IV. briskly - score preview

Duration: 11'

Four Moments for Clarinet and Violin is one of the few very early works in my catalog that still holds a nostalgic and warm spot in my heart. I had wanted to write a duo for these two instruments ever since high school when a good violinist friend and I searched for repertoire we could perform together. While the opportunity never presented itself to compose the work for my friend, I eventually completed the project while at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Although no programmatic titles are given, each of the short and relatively simple character studies that comprise the four movements of the work are loosely inspired by places and relationships formed during my years in Chapel Hill.