Nickitas Demos


Mythoi (2011)

Nickitas Demos

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i. The Father and His Sons - score preview

ii. The Wolf and the Crane score preview

iii. The Bear and the Two Travelers - score preview

iv. The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - score preview

v. The Mischievous Dog - score preview

Duration: 12 minutes

Commissioned by pianist Cary Lewis for a premiere at the 2011 Astoria Music Festival held in Astoria, Oregon, Mythoi is a short work featuring a collection of selected stories from Aesop’s Fables. The title is a transliterated form of the Greek word μuθοι, meaning “fables.”

The stories are presented as brief vignettes employing dramatically spoken text wedded with music. It was my intent to create five “micro-dramas” that bring these well-known and beloved stories to life. The music is generally light in character and almost always serves to accompany the narration. There is also, as is the case in much of my music, a significant use of Greek folk rhythms and scales throughout the piece. This is especially the case in the first, third and fifth movements. The second and fourth movements are more introspective in character and feature the clarinet and piano respectively as primary soloists.