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Heavy Metal



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Heavy Metal (2011)

Nickitas Demos

Score Preview

Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by Tom Gibson (trombone) & Kevin Lyons (trumpet)

Heavy Metal is a brief, virtuosic work for trumpet/trombone duo that is highly influenced by the horn sections found in such pop/rock bands as Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago and Tower of Power. In fact, the opening gesture of the composition is derived from the opening brass motive found in the tune, Spinning Wheel by Blood, Sweat & Tears. Although the work relies heavily on its pop influences, it also features extensive counterpoint between the two brass instruments as well as an exploration in shifting timbre. Written as a single movement, the piece nevertheless features a general A-B-A’ formal scheme. The most energetic music is reserved for the outer sections while the middle portion of the piece features a much different character. As a stark contrast to the pop influenced rhythms and counterpoint, this section features long held pitches that slowly change dynamics as well as timbre (via the use of mutes). 

The piece was commissioned by Atlanta based performers, Tom Gibson (trombone) and Kevin Lyons (trumpet).