Nickitas Demos

Moment's Notice

Moment's Notice (2012)

Nickitas Demos

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Duration: 7 minutes

Dedicated to Jan Berry Baker (saxophone) & Tania Maxwell Clements (viola)

Moment's Notice is a brief, virtuosic work written at the request of my friends and colleagues, saxophonist Jan Berry Baker and violist Tania Maxwell Clements. While chatting backstage before a performance one evening, I learned that Jan and Tania were in sudden need of a new work for a European tour they were about to embark upon. Having just completed a piece and with a short window before the need to begin another commissioned work, I took on the challenge of writing a composition for my friends literally at a moment’s notice.

The resulting work is full of energy and agility; characteristics needed to compose a work with short notice and in little time. The music is divided roughly into three sections, a fast energetic opening, a slower lyrical contrasting section and a return to the opening material. There is no other programmatic idea behind the piece aside from the title.