Nickitas Demos

Pink Music

Pink Music (2013)

Nickitas Demos

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Commissioned by the Georgia State University Trumpet Ensemble, Hollie Lifshey, Director

Dedicated to my wife, Maria

Duration: 3’30” 

Since 1982, the color pink has been associated with the work of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This organization has been instrumental in breast cancer research, education, advocacy, health services and social support programs on an international level. During the month of October, designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States, it is difficult to ignore pink bows, the bright symbol the Komen Foundation, displayed prominently in print and online media. Ironically, it was in the month of October 2013 that my wife underwent a double mastectomy as a result of her diagnosis of breast cancer made on September 6, 2013. During our journey of cancer treatment, from the shock of the diagnosis, to the surgeries and now, at the time of this writing, the chemotherapy, my wife and I have been struck by the sheer number of women who have traveled and who now currently travel the same road we are on.

When the opportunity to compose a brief work for the Georgia State University Trumpet Ensemble was given to me by my colleague, Hollie Lifshey, in the fall of 2013, I decided to write a fanfare honoring the great courage my wife and all women who face the challenge of breast cancer exhibit during the trial of cancer treatment. I also hope that this brief work is imbued with even the smallest fraction of the determination, strength, hope and faith that I have seen in my wife during this process.