Nickitas Demos

Three Soundscapes for Symphonic Winds



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Three Soundscapes for Symphonic Winds (1996)

Nickitas Demos

I. Brightly - score preview

II. Tenderly - score preview

III. Wildly! - score preview

Duration: 13'

Awarded Special Distinction in the 43rd Annual ASCAP Foundation Rudolf Nissim Prize (2023)

I consider this relatively brief, but virtuosic, composition for symphonic winds a companion piece to my doctoral dissertation, the orchestral work Three Pieces of Time (completed and premiered in 1991). It was written after I had moved to Atlanta and begun my career at the Georgia State University School of Music. This work for winds shares much of the same freely chromatic language, incorporation of clear melodic/motivic ideas, rhythmic drive, and especially an attention to timbre as may be found in the orchestral piece that precedes it. Like Three Pieces of Time, this piece is also divided into three movements following a traditional fast – slow - fast scheme and lacks a specific program attached to the music.