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Meditations on Amber & Flame

For Bb clarinet, violin, cello & piano. Four movements. Duration: 11 min., 30 sec.

Mirrors of Eternity

Chamber concerto for solo viola & chamber ensemble: Bb clarinet (doubles on bass clar.), bassoon, C trumpet, trombone, percussion & double bass. Three movements. Duration: 25 min.


For clarinet, off-stage clarinet, cello, harp & percussion. Single movement. Duration: 11 min., 30 sec.

Moment's Notice

Duo for soprano sax & viola. Single movement. Duration: 7 min.

Music For A Starless Night

For woodwind quintet. Five movements. Duration: 19 min.


For narrator, Bb clarinet & piano. Five movements. Duration: 12 min.

New World Sketches

Concerto grosso for solo violin, solo Bb clarinet, solo bouzouki, solo doumbek and string orchestra. Four movements. Duration: 28 min.

notes from the Edge of the Millennium

For flute, Bb clarinet, cello, percussion & piano. Three movements. Duration: 15 min.


For wind ensemble. Three movements. Duration: 16 min.

Old World Passing

Trio for Bb clarinet/bass clarinet, guitar and marimba. Single movement. Duration: 9 min.

Out Of Thin Air

For flute and piano. Single movement. Duration: 6 min, 30 sec.

passing vanities...

Trio for Bb clarinet, violin & D.J. Single movement. Duration: 8 min.


Ballet for soprano/alto sax., cello, percussion & D.J. Duration: 20 min.

Peach State Sonneries

For Bb clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. 4 movements played without pause. Duration: 10'

Pink Music

For 12 Bb Trumpets.

Play THAT!

Quintet for C clarinet (alt. Bb cl. part), Eb clarinet, A clarinet, basset horn (alt. alto cl. part) & bass clarinet. Single movement. Duration: 9 min.

Portrait of a Life After

Trio for Bb clarinet, violin, and piano. Four movements. Duration: 15'


Duo for bass clarinet & cello. Single movement. Duration: 6 min., 30 sec.

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